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Ryan Fine - Biography

Ryan Fine tells heart-pulling stories in a relaxing cinematic acoustic style. Ryan’s goal with his music is to evoke imagery and connect the listener to a warm memory that only music could evoke. He also writes in different genres spanning from pop country to anthemic rock. His dream is to have his music regularly on Film and TV.

Ryan Fine is a singer/songwriter and producer in Nashville, TN. He sings and his primary instrument is piano. Ryan studied Commercial Music Production in his hometown at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music where he learned about crafting songs, performing, audio engineering, and entrepreneurship. His music is a blend of John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Jason Isbell.

He was born, raised, and educated in his hometown Cincinnati, OH. Luckily, Ryan didn’t have to drive too far to reach Music City. He grew up listening to the Beatles, Billy Joel, and Ben Folds Five. When Ryan was 14, a crush inspired him to write his first song. Since that point, Ryan has not stopped journaling his ups and heartbreaks into song.

Ryan’s first press and buzz started in 2014 when American Songwriter Magazine featured him as a songwriter in their Daily Discovery interview series. His song “Subway Train” got his foot in the door of the music industry. This track was highlighted in his first record, Alone with Dreamers, released in 2016.

Alone with Dreamers received a great review from Cincinnati’s CityBeat describing Ryan as a “…a talent that can’t be taught, and Fine’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level is much more important for his longevity in music than the ability to put together a catchy three-minute Pop song."

Ryan comes from a musical family. His father, David Fine, went to Berklee in Boston for Jazz Percussion. Soon after starting school, his Dad moved to Los Angeles to drum on R&B records.

Ryan’s sister, Kelly Fine, writes and performs with her Folk/Americana group Young Heirlooms. Kelly is a brilliant lyricist and timeless performer bringing all ages together with her antique contemporary sound. She was the first person to help Ryan with his singing by encouraging him to join the high school choir.

His Mom, Molly Fine, supports her musical children by listening in the car, spreading their music around the community, and cheering at their shows. Molly teaches dyslexic children how to read by connecting the tactile and language parts of the brain. She got her masters so that she could teach her methods to other teachers, exponentially helping the community and even world from her online presence.

Ryan also has a passion for helping kids. He is a staff writer for the Songs of Love Foundation based in New York. This non-profit connects songwriters to kids going through traumatic experiences. The songwriters write personalized songs to help children feel loved and encouraged during such a difficult time of their lives. Ryan embraced his love for youth and music by writing a record for a kids’ educational website, Clever Crazes for Kids, in 2017.

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