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Fine-Tuned Custom Songs was founded by Ryan Fine in 2020 as a solution to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nashville based musician lost all of his live performance work and thought of an idea to utilize his songwriting abilities. A Fine-Tuned Custom Song is the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person or as a warm gesture to someone who needs to be cheered up. It is as simple as filling out the form and having Ryan Fine-Tune it!

More About Ryan:

Ryan Fine graduated from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music with a degree in Commercial Music Production and Entrepreneurship in 2017. He has been writing and producing custom songs for kids going through traumatic experiences with the Songs of Love Foundation since 2016. Ryan was voted Best Instrumentalist of 2019 by the readers of the Nashville Scene. As an artist he has over 275,000 streams on Spotify.

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For a price of $50, Fine pens a tune on any topic imaginable, including an anniversary, birthday or other occasion. “Someone I met at a hot dog stand two years ago wants a song. My elementary school gym teacher wants a song,” Fine explained. He added, “it’s an overwhelming amount of community coming together in this hard time. No matter if we know each other well or not, they can see that I’m trying to do something special.”

Cincinnati Enquirer Interview

"Fine, a Mariemont native and graduate of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, moved to Nashville three years ago to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Now that he can’t play gigs for the time being, Fine devised a new way to get paid for writing a song. Custom songs written specifically for customers.


 “It’s going great,” he said. “Dollar-amount-wise, I’m projected to make more at this point with custom songs than I was projected to lose from gigs being canceled. So I’m better off doing this than what I was going to do before, which is amazing.” Another bonus of staying at home and writing rather than going to play a club: “It’s a lot less carrying,” he added."

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“I don’t know how Ryan did it—the lyrics all had me laughing, and it brought such needed levity and joy to the day! No joke, I woke up the next morning still humming the song! The recording really is something I will cherish for years to come; in the meantime, I’m telling everyone I know about it because I think it is such a fabulous idea!”

- Recipient of a birthday song from her friends

“AHHHHH! SO AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to surprise him with this!!!!! This was perfect and exactly what I was hoping for -- more actually!! From, One super happy and satisfied customer.”

- Customer needing a birthday song for her husband

“Oh my GOSH!!! Ryan this is beautiful. Thank you so much! I know he’s going to love it. You’re so talented!”

- Customer needing a love song for her husband


When will I get my song?

At the current rate of business, you should get it by the end of the day you asked for it! If you have not received it by the 8pm CST the night before, please contact

Who owns the copyright of the song?

Ryan Fine owns the copyright to the song because he wrote the lyrics and melody! This shouldn’t matter though if it’s just a gift and not intended to be on the radio. You paid Ryan for his service and the product you are giving, not the intellectual property.

How will I receive the song/video?

The current business model is that attachments will go to the e-mail you supplied in the form. If the file is too large as an attachment, you will receive a downloadable dropbox link or .zip file! If you are too confused, don’t hesitate to contact

What if I am unhappy with the song?

Please be as specific as possible with your lyric/music direction in the form to avoid this scenario. If Ryan didn’t nail it the first time, then kindly describe in detail how you want it different. If it doesn’t seem like much more extra work, then you may get another draft! If it requires starting completely over, then a negotiated rate is possible depending on your concerns.

Will my song end up on social media without my consent?

Of course not! Though it would be great to have more content, this is your story and you are completely entitled to your privacy!